To Japanese car otaku, fanatics who love Japanese cars,

“I don’t know a reliable Japanese car parts site that sells overseas.”
“I want good quality products that I can enjoy as an enthusiast, that isn’t a major brand.”

CAR OTAKU JAPAN was established to answer the voices of those who love Japanese cars living overseas. For a long time now we have worked with Japanese car part brand manufacturers who make high quality products, but have not currently dispatched their goods overseas.
Wanting to dispatch brand products for all Japanese car enthusiasts throughout the world, we decided on opening a net shop with the idea of connecting to customers and widening our customer base.

While there are many e-commerce shops that are selling Japanese car parts without permission, we have secured permission to sell from all manufacturers we work with.
Our car and automobile parts export, import division has a management philosophy, “Creativity, Rapidity, Certainty”, this motto is still used now, 12 years since our founding. From now we want to develop a tailor-made trading business with the intent to answer each customer’s needs with individual care.

Representative Director
Koji Sunada


Our company was formed in October 2004 and since then we have consistently worked as a suspension bridge(BRIDGE) between Japan and overseas, selling great Japanese cars as well as Japanese automobile parts abroad.
Also in recent years we have started importing great foreign cars as well as foreign automobile parts into Japan.
We are especially putting our attention on being a strong support in selling excellent automobile parts that are not yet well known in the global market.
Again and again we have introduced and sold fine and rare automobile components in Japan to customers all over the world.
We will continue as well as expand our business, providing direct export support for high quality Japanese brands.
From now we continue our steady efforts working as a suspension bridge bringing Japanese products overseas and bringing foreign products into Japan.

Company Profile
Company Name BRIDGE CO., LTD.
Incorporated Date October 28, 2004
Location 5-12-19 Misaki, Suminoe-ku, Osaka, 559-0013 Japan
Phone +81-6-6681-0805
FAX +81-6-6681-0806
Capital Three million yen
Representative Officer Koji Sunada
Banks Osaka City Shinkin Bank, Sumiyoshi Branch Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC), Kohama Branch Kinki Osaka Bank, Suminoe Branch
Line of Business
  • Exporting/Importing support for automobiles and automotive parts.
  • Exporting/Importing automobiles and motorcycles
  • Exporting/Importing parts for automobiles and motorcycles
  • Designing, developing, and selling automotive parts
  • Registration for auctions
    Major auctions including USS, Honda AA, and TAA.
  • Trading countries
    USA, Australia, Germany, Denmark, UK, UAE, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Canada, New Zealand, etc.
  • Second Hand Dealer Permit No., Osaka Prefectural Public Safety Commission
    Used Vehicle Dealer License No 21111201065

Other than what is mentioned above, please consult with us at any time regarding other products or our support operations concerning business expansion into the overseas market. We also welcome inquiries from foreign businesses who are interested in doing business in the Japanese market.


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